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Flood Restoration will strive to keep you informed about your restoration job from the start to completion.  Customer satisfaction and a short turnaround time is our primary goal. This allows us to provide you an excellent quality of service in less time. Based close to Atlanta's Perimeter, we have quick access to all major metro counties to give you top-quality service no matter where you are!

Flood Restoration is performed by our IICRC trained professionals with many years in the industry. We’re located near the perimeter area of Atlanta which give us the opportunity to be accessible to all local regions and the metropolitan areas. I short, your zipcode, your neighborhood, your area always has a team on call for flood restoration emergencies. In many situations, you don’t need to live near a water shore or lake to experience flood damage. Flood can be caused by natural disasters such as heavy rain storms, main pipe burst, hurricanes or even melting snow. Needless to say, in the United States flood damage is the most common disaster among building and property owners. More and more homes, apartments and schools now a days are experiencing unexpected flooding in areas that were never overflowing with water before. In fact, your property is more vulnerable of being damaged by floods than from a fire. As a result, some landscaping is losing its natural ability to absorb certain level of water and is now becoming a possible flood zone.


Here at Flood Restoration Atlanta we would like for you to rest assure if your ever faced with potential flooding or any sort of water overflow, we are here to help. Our ultimate goal is to make sure each homeowner get the help they need when dealing with flood damage. No matter how minor or severe the flood damage may be, our certified tech can fix and repair the problem.  We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week here to help. Give us call (678) 935-7200. We are your reliable flood restoration resource!

Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration Resource

Most community that’s populated may experience flood water that carries several infections, diseases, germs and bacteria that can be a health risk. Flood water can also carry sewer waste and other contaminants that are dangerous to your health. Flooding can be caused by all sort of event such as:


  • Natural storms from heavy rains, hurricanes, and melting snow or ice can cause floods

  • Clogged or damaged drainage systems not having the proper water flow

  • Leaking water from aged pipe structures

  • Appliance malfunction such as dishwasher, water heaters, toilet overflow or laundry washing machine

  • Cracks in the basement walls will allow water to seep into the home

  • Faulty plumbing structures

  • Backed up sewer systems


For more information about home flooding, see the website: Precautions When Returning to Your Home


Common Causes of Flooding

  • Cause infections

  • Can be contanminated

  • May contain Sewage waste

  • Create mold and mildew growth

  • Destroy funitures

  • Damaging hard wood floors

  • Ruins carpet and padding

  • Damage drywall and other building elements

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Flooding Can Occur After Ice Melts From Pipes

Floodings Cause And Effects

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