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Flood Restoration will strive to keep you informed about your restoration job from the start to completion.  Customer satisfaction and a short turnaround time is our primary goal. This allows us to provide you an excellent quality of service in less time. Based close to Atlanta's Perimeter, we have quick access to all major metro counties to give you top-quality service no matter where you are!

Water Restoration

Water Restoration is necessary when you want unwanted water removed from your property or building. When you have a flood disaster, pipe leaks, or dysfunctional appliance fixtures that handle pressurized water, they can create water spills requiring professional water removal. As you can imagine, water incidents can happen to the best of us requiring immediate water restoration attention. This is not only frustrating but takes up valuable time and becomes a financial burden. This is a critical situation for you and immediate water removal service is needed.


Flood Restoration Atlanta realizes that incidents can happen at any time and sometimes at no fault of our own which is why we are a 24 hours 7 days a week service ready to assist you. Flood Restoration Atlanta is in the business to restore your home, office, church or school back to normal conditions. We are here for you. Give us a call (678) 935-7200. Call Now!

Flooded Basement

Bathtub Overflow

Toilet Overflow - Unclog Toilet

Flooded Basement is generally primary targets from a water damage tragedy. Some basement flooding is caused from heavy rain storms turning into a groundwater effect. And some basement floods is from poor plumbing failures. Whatever the cause it can cause a terrible outcome with the basement being a primary target of getting the worst of it. Basement flood water can carry all sorts of bacteria, infections disease and some allergic reactions can become a health risk.


Here at Flood Restoration Atlanta our IICRC train technician are trained experts to removing basement flood water of all levels with satisfactory results. Working with the best equipment and tool on the market to make sure the assignment is done with a great outcome. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to restore your basement back to normal. Taking the stress out of your worries and give you a piece of mind. So, give us a call today. Call today!

Bathtub overflow can be a problem if you have problems with clogged drain back up or faulty plumbing failure. Corrosion can destroy the overflow drain pipe in the bathtub. The bathtub overflow spout basic function is to stop the water from flowing over from a forgetting running faucet. But this design sometimes does not work properly. If you have any bathtub overflow problems you can trust that Flood Restoration Atlanta can repair this issue.


Flood Restoration Atlanta train experts are the best for repairing bathtub overflow problem. We are always here for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help. Call us now (678) 935-7200.

Toilet Overflow is generally one of your primary appliances that can create water damage in the home. Over all, the toilet is used multiple times daily and sometime takes lots of abuse when foreign object are disposed and cause clogged drains and create an overflow. When you have a toilet overflows its recommend not to flush again to avoid further damages. Toilet Overflow spills can carries bacteria, sewage waste and toxics that can be a harmful health risk. When you’re at this level of a toilet overflow, you may need to contact your local plumber.


Flood Restoration Atlanta have trained expert to inspect the source of the problem and resolve the issue. Our technicians use the best professional equipment which can tackle those challenging situation that maybe difficult to be repaired by the homeowner. Flood Restoration Atlanta techs have several years of experience dealing with all sorts of toilet overflow, water damage and flood damage problems. So, if you have toilet overflow dilemmas, contact us to speak with a live technician thats ready to help.

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